Crystal Healing Services Boost Your Mental Wellbeing So That You Can SHINE!

Who isn’t attracted to the sparkle of the beautiful crystals as the sunlight bounces off them, shining light and rainbow prisms of light around a room? But the reason we are drawn to crystals goes far beyond their beauty. Crystal healing offers us a connection through your crystalline body to the crystals of the earth through their electromagnetic field to bring you back into emotional, mental, spiritual and physical balance. Crystal healing therapy is an ancient healing system that not only focuses on healing holistically through the precise placement of crystals on the body and the surrounding room in a grid like pattern, but also has scientific origins. According to crystal therapy, every crystal has its own unique electromagnetic charge. On a microscopic level a crystal is a network of repeating geometric patterns made up of compressed ions, atoms and molecules, they are alive. The charges in each crystal, or ‘healing vibrations,’ interact with the body’s energy centers to remove ‘blockages’ and restore a healthy flow through the body, mind and energy field.

Beginning next month, Chrysalis Psychological Services will be offering nine different crystal healings that encompass three categories, daily balance healings, healings for the body, and healings for the mind. This approach is a non-invasive, relaxing, natural and enjoyable process that further extends to offer you an opportunity for restoration, peace, and rejuvenation. Having the chance to lie back, relax and get in touch with their body’s energies so they can leave feeling refreshed, restored and de-stressed – a perfect platform for improved physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. I will work with you to discover your needs and cater a session to your goals so that you can feel more connected to yourself, free of blockages, and ready to reclaim the life that you want to celebrate!

Stay tuned throughout the remainder of the month for ways you can sign on for your first session!

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Take Hold of Your Overwhelming Emotions!

Sometimes, we have intense emotions that are difficult to manage, such as anger, shame, depression, or anxiety. Difficulties controlling these emotions often lead to problematic behaviors that affect us and those around us. Problematic behaviors are often ineffective solutions to intensely painful emotions. We then find ourselves in a never-ending cycle of feeling overwhelmed by intense emotions and wanting to shut our feelings out completely.

Instead of this turbulent, emotional merry-go-round, we CAN learn to tame our emotions and take hold of them so that we can keep showing up fully in our lives and connect with the people and experiences that matter to us.

“Emotions” isn’t a dirty word – in fact, emotions offer us a lot of valuable information. Emotions provide us with a signal that something is happening so we can check out the facts. It’s a problem when we treat emotions as if THEY are the facts about the world. For example: “If I am afraid, there must be a threat,” or “I love him, so he must be good for me.” We need to be mindful that emotions are not facts. Therefore, it is important to check the facts about the situation – and our Mindful awareness of our emotions give us the signal to go ahead and check on the facts.

They also motivate and prepare us for action. The action urge connected to specific emotions is often “hardwired.” For example, when we hear a loud horn beep suddenly, we startle. Emotions save time in getting us to act in important situations. Our nervous system activates us (e.g., we instantly jump out of the way of an oncoming car). We don’t have to think everything through. Strong emotions can help us overcome obstacles— in our mind and in the environment.

Yet, sometimes, we take action without working through the facts and it doesn’t always turn out in our favor.

One of the favored topics in the Mindfulness Matters group focuses on learning to understand the emotions we experience so that we can identify, observe, and describe our emotions in order to know what they do for us. That way, we can uncover whether they are working for us or hindering us from getting what we want in this moment.

We go on to discover ways to reduce our emotional vulnerability to and stopping unwanted emotions in the beginning stages so we can let go of painful emotions when they start and increase positive emotions! This way, we can reduce our emotional suffering.

P.S. We go through these skills in more depth through a 8 session group in Mindfulness Matters!

Space is limited to ensure that everyone in the group feels heard and has a meaningful experience.

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