Tips and Tricks On Becoming Mindful

As we get closer to the holi-daze, you might be finding yourself feeling more and more overwhelmed and your to-do list growing bigger and bigger. You might even find yourself tense and panicked with your thoughts racing and your inner critic on overdrive. And yet, you’re wishing for a break to catch your breath, slow down, and enjoy the spirit of the season to connect with your loved ones instead.

You may find yourself wondering “How do you even get started at this point?” One of the things I share in my Mindfulness Matters groups early on are some tips and resources that you always have with you. In fact, I am compiling a list of some of my favorite resources for the next round of the group starting in February! To kick start that, I wanted to share some of these with you beforehand so that you can more easily navigate the holi-daze and make sure that your already overbooked schedule is filled with the things this season that not only bring more joy into your life, but some tools and resources that leave you feeling better equipped to handle some of the stressors that come with this time of year!

Click HERE to get access to my favorite Mindfulness resources and tools so that you can reclaim the holiday season with ease!

Don’t forget that I post tips, tricks, information, and even more resources on my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube pages – along with a Mindful Monday mini-series on the “Beyond the Couch” podcast so that you have an overflowing supply of tools to get you through the thick of the holi-daze and bring the cheer back into your holiday!

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