Mindfulness Matters 1 Day Workshop – Enrollment Closes Today!

It’s another Mindful Monday today! For many of us, we start the week off with a groan or dread while also berating ourself for not enjoying every minute that we have. Today though is an opportunity to take a different approach and try one small thing to make a shift!

That opportunity can be just shifting gears to welcome the day or it can be doing a quick, three minute Mindfulness practice – a quick three minute breathing space, a body scan, or even a LovingKindess practice!

No matter what you chose, the fact that you are giving yourself a different pathway will bring with it gains! In fact, making these small yet powerful and efficient shifts are a big focal point of the Mindfulness Matters one day workshop!

Some of the gains that Mindfulness Matters group participants have had in the past include:

+greater self awareness physically and emotionally,

+quieting the inner critical voice

+navigating emotional rollercoasters more easily

+deepening relationships with loved ones.

I will be closing enrollment THIS afternoon at 4pm and wanted to make sure that you didn’t miss out on participating if you wanted to before that deadline.

I’m also excited about running my Mindfulness events – but this one in particular has me very excited because it will be jam-packed with information, skills, practice together, and a follow up “recap email” with all of what we learned so that you have a lifetime refresher in your inbox! That way, you can really turbocharge your life!

Click HERE *now* so you don’t miss the deadline for enrollment.

Don’t forget that I post tips, tricks, information, and even more resources on my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube pages – along with a Mindful Monday mini-series on the “Beyond the Couch” podcast so that you have an overflowing supply of tools to get you feeling like your best self in the life you want to celebrate!

Curious what I can offer you to help build the life you love? Get in touch!

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