Don’t Forget – We Launch Next Week!

Last week, I made an exciting announcement about a new project that I can’t wait to get started sharing.

Luckily, the wait is not that long!

In just one week, I will be launching my new podcast! I have decided to go from “On the Couch” to “Beyond the Couch” in order to extend the benefits of integrative healing to outside session times.

In the upcoming episodes, I will share valuable resources, tips, information, and content for many people across the world to more effectively redefine their lives, get rid of pain and fear that holds them back, and create a life they look forward to celebrating. I will be focusing on the theme of redefining ourselves and recreating our lives. Along the way, we will look at effective tools, practical tips, accessible resources, community supports, and eye-opening insights to help cultivate the life that we want to live and celebrate.

During my announcement, I shared that I was invited to speak as a guest on a local radio show which led to the realization that I could contribute to the efforts of a greater number of people looking to transform their lives with the help of technology.

For the first few months, I will be broadcasting on Mondays and Thursdays beginning March 20th to help spread the word to anyone who can benefit. In addition, I will be interviewing a number of guests as well as looking at other resources to share the best, most accessible, and most effective tools for listeners along their journey of transformation.

If you missed the chance to sign on and help get the word out over the next few weeks to make sure people have access to this information, you still have a week left! March 20th is right around the corner though so don’t forget to just get started!

If you’d like to join me in this endeavor, I’d love to have you! You can easily jump onboard here! Sign on and let’s get you to the front of the line in access!

I look forward to getting started on this journey together!

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