What Is “Mindful Habit?”

You might have already resolved to create something new in your life for 2017. Maybe you are still planning out your resolution. Time has been flying by!

Over the last few weeks, you may have noticed your motivation or success waning. Perhaps you are seeing your friends and loved ones posting their successes on social media, hearing your colleagues and loved ones share their triumphs, and wondering where you are falling short.

Last month, I was part of a discussion of this John Di Lemme’s “Habit” poem, below. I thought it particularly timely as many embark on new goals in the new year and on the heels of our discussion of Mindfulness. A crucial component driving our successful achievement of our goals includes our Mindful attention to our habits.

Whether we are reworking newer, more beneficial habits or whether we are working to eradicate deleterious habits, our rituals to attain our goals — or our habits — embody a unique role in our rates of goal accomplishment. Wielding power over our habits begins with nonjudgmental awareness and understanding of them.

What habits would you like to see in your life? What habits are you ready to let go of? Bringing our Mindful presence can help us build better habits that shift our lives.

How will these adjustments in your habits bring you closer to your goals? Share with us in our Facebook and Twitter communities so we can cheer you on!

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