Enrich Your Partnerships – 3 Tips for Mindful Relationships PART 3

Over the last few weeks, we’ve discussed Mindful relationships along with the importance of our own Mindful awareness within relationships. I am very excited to share the final portion of this three part series with three practical tips you can begin using to build Mindful relationships today!

Here are three tips to get started practicing Mindful relationships:

1. Stopping and breathing
A Mindful breath is a slow, deep breath during which we focus our mind on our breathing without judgment, critique, or evaluation. This extremely simple technique is particularly effective when we’re feeling upset or stressed. It will help slow our racing mind and improve our focus, which can be hard for us to do when we are reactive or upset.

2. Attentive listening
When we are in conversation with someone and we know that person is listening to us, we feel a greater connection. Our partner feels appreciated and we both feel more valued. On the other hand, when we feel our partner isn’t interested in us, we are likely to struggle being around others. In Mindfully listening, we find ourselves more fully wanting to be there – leading to better interactions overall.

3. Mindful speech
The other side of attentive listening is being Mindful about how we express our thoughts, feelings, and requests. Speaking more Mindfully takes a little time and practice to develop. Within any relationship, we might overlook the impact of how others receive our words or our manner of delivery. Instead, we tend to say what we want how we want to without noticing how they may be interpreted. Other times, we may be reacting to something that has been said without considering the potential consequences. By pausing and noticing our thoughts without judgment before expressing them, we can consider our comments and responses a bit more carefully to make sure we communicate in a way — with our words, tone of voice, and mannerisms — that our partners can better understand us. This also allows us the space to nonjudgmentally observe how our partner is responding to us. By slowing down in this manner, we can more effectively modify our communication if we notice in their responses.

Still curious how Mindfulness can enrich your relationship with your loved ones? Connect with me to further discuss the possibilities. Have you been trying to cultivate a Mindful presence in your own relationships? Share with us in our Facebook and Twitter community so we can cheer you on and to inspire others!

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