Enrich Your Partnerships – 3 Tips for Mindful Relationships, PART 2

Last week, I provided an overview of how Mindfulness within relationships can help to enhance your connections. Today, I wanted to delve a bit more deeply into how this awareness of ourselves impacts our interactions with others.

The American Psychological Institute published a study conducted over 30 years that concludes that couples engaging in Mindful relationships experience greater physical, emotional and spiritual intimacy together. Instead of competition, aggression, codependence, and passive- aggression, Mindful couples experienced higher levels of harmony, personal and professional satisfaction and deeper, more stable levels of intimacy.

An awareness of our needs, responses, insecurities, and attractions is what allows intimacy and love to occur without repeating unwanted, unintentional patterns. Recognition of these patterns makes it possible to stop being carried by their momentum and instead begin making choices about the type of relationship we want to have.

With some practice, we can introduce foundational elements of Mindfulness into our relationships. A crucial element in implementing these exercises is to simply take an observational stance and notice rather than critique or evaluate. If we catch ourselves pulled toward this critiquing judgment, we can reset our observational stance by simply noticing the shift, letting it be, and return ourselves to simply noticing.

In the final portion of this three part series, I will give you 3 practical tips to build your Mindful presence with your loved ones and enhance your relationships. In the meantime, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Share with us in our Facebook and Twitter communities!

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