Mindfulness Matters 5 Day Challenge: Your Questions Answered!

Did you miss the announcement for the 5 Day Mindfulness Matters Challenge? Maybe it has been a hectic week and you were curious to find out what the buzz was about.

With people in seven states interested and the questions pouring in, I decided to answer some of those burning questions. I spent a few minutes discussing what you can expect in the challenge, what the benefits are, what we will be covering, how to get started, and how to join us without a Facebook page! You can catch the replay here!


While I will not be opening enrollment to everyone else until Monday, I wanted to extend an early enrollment period exclusive to you as a way of supporting your investment in yourself. This challenge will give you 5 days of support along with 3 bonus days where you will have my guidance in helping you cultivate three Mindful minutes into your life at any point in the day and it is now open for you to enroll (for free, of course!).

If you’re curious how this transformative tool can help you make the shifts in your life that you have been feeling stuck with, just contact me and we can explore how Mindfulness can enrich your life together!

I talk more about Mindfulness in my interview on “Connections with Deborah Turner” here!
You can read more about my Mindful Monday group at Inner Realm magazine and get a glimpse of some more exciting, fulfilling services I offer! 

Curious how Mindfulness can help you build the life you love? Get in touch!  

Connect with me to see what support I can offer!

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