Ease Into the Holi-daze with PMR

With the stress of the holi-daze, are you finding your body tensing up more and more? Holding your nerves in your muscles? Are you starting to feel frazzled and unfocused? There is a simple, relaxing, and quick way to get yourself feeling settled and relaxed again!

A few weeks ago, I shared a bit about the benefits of Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR). Relieve your stress and body aches with my brief PMR sample here! With so much going on this time of year and the shortened days, we are primed for holding greater tension in our bodies. Because of that, it is important for us to take a few minutes out regularly to keep ourselves at our best. This way, we can keep up with the pace of the holi-daze.

Share with us how you found time to unwind today and inspire others to do the same. Comment in our Facebook and Twitter communities!

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