Mindful Monday Series in 1 Week

I am so excited to reboot our Mindful Monday 8 session series! Our last round of the series brought so much to our community. Here are some of the comments from people:

“It was a really nice way to get myself into the mindset for a productive and calm                       week.”

“I learned so much about my body and mind and how my feelings showed up                              around them from these groups.”

“Sharing this with the others in the group made it a more deep experience for me.                   I gained a lot from each of the other people!”

This is one of my favorite practices and I am so thrilled about bringing it back to help people who are feeling stressed, unfocused, and overwhelmed get their footing back! Mindfulness offers so many benefits and ways of enhancing our lives.


Wondering how this series can benefit your life? Contact me or fill out this form to learn a little more about how Mindful Monday can help you! And be sure to try a little sample!

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