Festive Grand Opening

On Friday evening, we celebrated our Grand Opening and officially opened our doors for a wonderful night of celebration and orientation to the community in Grand style! We were so thrilled to share our services with everyone who attended and had a festive gathering. We even had standing room only!

We enjoyed a great opportunity for a discussion, meet and greet, Reiki demonstrations, and two samples of our upcoming Mindfulness meditations. Not only that, but we had fantastic music and delicious snacks to set the celebratory atmosphere. Attendees also had the first chance to enter our Giveaway!

One of the stars of the show was our unique and incredibly relaxing zero gravity chair for our Reiki services. Our meditation bolsters also received a lot of great feedback. Be sure to check them out for yourselves at our upcoming Mindfulness Meditation and Guided Imagery group or schedule your own Reiki treatment session!

A giant, heartfelt thank you to everyone who helped make this beautiful evening a joy and a success! Another giant, heartfelt thank you to everyone who attended. Can’t wait for our next event, the Mindfulness meditation series beginning August 1st!

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